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This is what Method Paving can do for your home. We will provide you a detailed design. Then walk you through the difficult task of getting your home to look exactly as you dreamed it would! Please let us help you and your home to replace the ugly deteriorating concrete, asphalt or unpaved areas you now have.

Method Paving will replace your concrete or asphalt beautiful paving stones or flagstone for a fair price! Do it right the first time and install beautiful long-lasting paving stones or Flagstone.

The next step is selecting the right contractor. If you do not select a specialist that knows exactly how to handle any project, you risk the chance of a subpar installation that may require repair or even replacement.

No company can match Method Pavings customer service, expertise and quality in hardscape designs and installations, with proven credibility, service, proper installation and dependable guarantees for the price. Not one! I will give you the best design with the stone and color choices needed to make your project special.

Here is something for all homeowners to consider:

* Method Paving Specializes In: Paving Stones, Flagstone, Artificial Grass, Retaining Walls, and Drainage for Driveways, Walkways, Patios and Pool Decks.

* Hurry Now Discounts Available

* Experience: Over 10 years installation experience in the paving stone industry as well as over 10 years experience installing flagstone.

* Proper Credentials: Fully insured, bonded and licensed, Better Business Bureau, Workmans Compensation

* Warranted Installations: We are dedicated to extremely high customer satisfaction

* Lifetime Guarantee: On pavers against cracking or breaking

* Reputation: Several Paver manufacturer's installer of choice

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Calstone, Basalite, McNears, Claypave, Olympic Stone & Marble, Pacific Interlock, Abbotsford, Pavestone, Bluestone, Flagstone, travertine, Three Rivers, Indian Stone, Interlocking paving stones, Pavers, Angelus block, Belgard-All others as well, Artificial Turf - Grass - Lawn - Synthetic